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Could you please tell me, Who are the “Jews for Jesus” and can you tell me how to answer them when they try to solicit my attendents to there church.

They are Christian missionaries who want to convert you to Christianity under the guise of “remaining Jewish”. The best resource for you is – good luck and write back if we can be of further help.

Rabbi Seinfeld

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  1. What is the Jewish sentiment toward so called “Messianic Jews?” What do Jews think of them I mean?

    The term “Messianic Jews” refers to Jews for Jesus. Most Jews think of them as brainwashed. Some Jews might even think of them as non-Jews (though they’re still officially Jewish), because worshiping Jesus is akin to leaving Judaism which says “God is One” and not two or more.

    Comment by ATR — November 1, 2006 @ 9:03 am

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