Project Genesis

Links to resources for Jewish study

Jewish Classes and Articles

  • – Comprehensive and educational resource of online Torah classes

  • – a gateway to a variety of intriguing Jewish articles and recordings

  • Innernet - a fine assortment of excerpts from premium Torah literature

  • – a wealth of captivating articles on Judaism, Torah, and Israel

Study with a Mentor

  • Partners in Torah – Phone based Jewish study with a hand picked learning partner, free of charge

Free Torah Audio

  • – Thousands of recordings of Torah audio, free downloads, Premium lending library

  • Classic Sinai – Free Jewish mp3 downloads on 26 all-star topics in Judaism.

Online Courses

  • Virtual Kosher University – Free, interactive introductory classes about Kosher

  • Jewish Interactive Studies (JIS) – Structured online courses based on the study of classical Jewish texts for Jewish adults of all educational and religious backgrounds. Free of Charge

  • Naaleh.comFREE Online Torah Video School featuring weekly Torah classes with world renowned teachers broadcast from Israel and New York onto your computer. Students interact with teachers and peers via forums and archived classes are available on the site for viewing anytime, or as an mp3 or ipod video download. Courses range from Beginner to Advanced and span a variety of topics.


  • First Covenant Foundation – Information for non-Jews pertaining to the Covenant G-d made with Noah—the Divine manual of life for those who are not Jewish.

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