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How to Avoid Thinking of Torah

Question: How can one prevent oneself from thinking thoughts of Torah while in places of uncleanliness where it is not permitted to do so?

Answer: Thank you for your remarkable question! Most people wonder how they can think words of Torah in places in which they are permitted to do so, and you have the opposite concern- your head is so full of Torah thoughts that you are wondering how to not think them in places where it is forbidden! That is truly remarkable!

One way would be to have some non-Torah reading material on hand, which would force you to focus your thoughts on what you are reading. Another possibility would be to make a concious decision before entering such a place that you will think about a specific non-Torah topic, i.e. summer/ vacation plans, menus, etc., and your mind will not wander into Torah topics.

Take care,

Rabbi Aaron Tendler

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