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Eliahu Levenson

Rabbi Eliahu Levenson was born in Santa Monica, California.� Brought up as a secular Jew in an environment devoid of Jewish life or knowledge, Eliahu did not discover the beauty and wonder of his true roots until 1983, at the age of 32. Then began a complete metamorphosis from one kind of life in one kind of world to another kind of life in another kind of world. For decades to come the new emphasis would be on learning and inculcating what was learned into actualization. Along the way Eliahu produced and edited "Yeladim Magazine, the Magazine For Jewish Children," and from 1997 until 2000. In 2002 Eliahu began an internet forum called "Chevra Eliahu," which would be an educational experience for learning about G-d's requirements for Jews and G-d's separate sets of requirements for non-Jews, called Noachide law. In 2004 Eliahu joined the JewishAnswers team at, helping in the task of guiding people through the labyrinth of uncertainties of that which G-d expects from us.

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