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Question: I know Jews excel in business. What is the secret that makes this possible? Nations that associate with Israel get blessed. How can my country get association with Israel. We need the Jews to teach us business wisdom and have G-d bless us.

Answer: I am flattered that you think all Jews excel in business. Because of the recent economic crisis many Jews I know are suffering in poverty. So not all Jews excel in business

But we do have a secret and we are more than willing to share it. Maimonides who codified all of Jewish Law simply explains that “blessing from God” comes from total honesty and attentiveness to your employer. Maimonides cites the behavior of the Patriarch Jaco:

In Genesis 31:6 Jacob says

6. And you know that with all my strength I have served your father.

Similarly in Genesis 31-38:42 Jacob says:
38. This twenty years have I been with you; your ewes and your female goats have not miscarried their young, and the rams of your flock have I not eaten. 39. That which was torn of beasts I brought not to you; I bore the loss of it; of my hand did you require it, whether stolen by day, or stolen by night.
40. Thus I was; in the day the drought consumed me, and the frost by night; and my sleep departed from my eyes.
41. Thus have I been twenty years in your house; I served you fourteen years for your two daughters, and six years for your cattle; and you have changed my wages ten times.
42. Except the God of my father, the God of Abraham, and the fear of Isaac, had been with me, surely you would have sent me away now empty. God has seen my affliction and the labor of my hands, and rebuked you last night.”

Maimonides summarizes the Jewish secret:
“An employee must work diligently and devote full time to his employment – he must be honest and work whole heartedly. And any person who does this will merit success in both this world and the next world.”

So there you have it-Work honestly and full heartedly and be accountable for all your time. It is that simple. You will end up inheriting success in both this world and the next world (The hereafter).

Russell Jay Hendel, Ph.d.

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