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Sabbath of Creation - Why No “Evening” and “Morning”?

Question: In Gen 2:1-3. There is no evening and morning as in the other six days. Would it be right to say the sabbath has no ending?

Answer: Hi! That is a really interesting way to look at it. I guess my first thought would have been like the explanation of the commentary of the Ramban – evening and morning, in Hebrew, mean “confusion, chaos?? (erev = mixing) and “clarity, resolution?? (boker = morning, bikur = examination). For each of the first six days, the Torah is describing the process of change from disorder to order. On the Sabbath, order has been fully established.

I think you are adding that, by leaving out those words on Shabbos, the Torah is implying that the accomplishment is permanent. Thank you, that’s a nice idea.

Best wishes,
Michoel Reach

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