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Question: I love the Jewish people, and I have recently discovered that I might be Jewish. I wonder then, why has my life been so difficult, why have I been unsuccessful. Why has it been, and still ism such a struggle every day if I am Jewish? I hear Jews are rich, some are Lawyers, others Doctors, and still others own successful businesses, yet nothing ever seems to work for me. I desire to work for myself, to have a successful business and be a great giver, but nothing works. What can I do to change all that Rabbi?

Answer: I can certainly tell you that being Jewish does not automatically make you successful. On the contrary, often times Jews suffer more than others. They have been persecuted throughout the last two millennia and continue to be so today. Although in America there are many successful and wealthy Jews, this is a matter of their upbringing and training, not a divine blessing granted to every individual Jew. Sorry to disappoint you. I hope that this addresses your question.

All the Best to You,
Rabbi Azriel Schreiber

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