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Question: Can you please tell me what does the Jewish Law says about domestic violence against women?

Answer: Spouse abuse is absolutely prohibited by Torah law and is grounds for divorce. Jewish women (and men) who experience this have many resources to turn to for help. Here is some contact info copied from the internet:

  • Shalom Task Force Hotline, administrative office 212-742-1478 or contact at [email protected]. Shalom Force Hotline 888-883-2323

  • Project CHANA (Counseling, Helpline and Aid Network for Abused Women) is a Womens Department Program of THE ASSOCIATED in cooperation with Jewish Family Services and the House of Ruth. JFS also provides counseling for families experiencing violence, whether directed at a child, spouse or partner, older adult, or an individual with a disability. Intake – 410-542-6300 ext. 7420 or 410-843-7420, or Mimi B. Kraus, LCSW-C – 410-356-8383 ext. 308. CHANA Confidential Helpline – 410-234-0023

Rabbi Zvi Holland

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