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Question: When one wears Tefillin (Phylacteries) one betroths themselves to G-d – it’s a wedding ring. Why then would someone take them after the morning prayers?

Answer: You make a good point. In actuality it is best for a man to wear his Tefillin all day (not night), but the realities of daily life in the world require limiting their use to a far less, but still permissible amount. The wearing of Tefillin requires a high level of mental concentration and personal cleanliness, which is difficult for the overwhelming majority of people to maintain. While this remains difficult to maintain even for the limited time men wear the Tefillin during the morning prayers, it is the custom to keep to that limit and do the best we can. Jews do not wear tefillin on Shabbos, as Shabbos makes that connection with G-d on its own.

Regards, Eliahu Levenson

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