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Tzaraas, the Biblical Skin Blemish

Question: Is the Torah’s description of Tzaraas, skin blemishes, related to our own negative impurities, pertaining to our character and behavior, in which we need to purge from our soul, in preparation for following the Torah?

Answer: It’s an interesting thought. The spiritual affliction of Tzaraas, according to the Talmud, is associated with the following sins: evil speech, murder, taking an oath in vain, forbidden sexual relations, haughtiness, stealing, and miserly behavior. This affliction does not occur nowadays due to our collective fall in spiritual level. When it did occur, though, it was more than just a preparation for Torah. The afflicted was kept out of all communal life. Tzaraas, therefore, can be seen as a means to warn us from doing those things which would keep us from being an Am Kadosh, a holy nation.

All the Best,
R’ Daniel Fleksher

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