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Question: Do you guide students in the study of Kabbalah? I have spent many years reading books that were written by Non-Jews about the Kabbalah and would like to learn from our heritage.

Answer: Your question was forwarded to me as I have done some teaching and writing on this topic.

As you point out, there are many books about Kabbalah, both by Jews and non-Jews.

The question is, do you want to “learn Kabbalah” or to “learn about Kabbalah”?

The difference? In a nutshell, the question may be compared to “learning quantum physics” v. “learning about quantum physics.”

I address both of these goals in my book but in different ways. In Ch.1-3 I talk a little bit about Kabbalah – as much (in my opinion) as an educated person should know without getting into Kabbalah.

In order to get into Kabbalah, like getting into quantum mechanics, there is some prerequisite knowledge. (To do physics, for instance, one must have a solid foundation in mathematics, beginning with arithmetic.)

My book, The Art of Amazement, will take you through the prerequisite “arithmetic” of Kabbalah. After you master that, please be back in touch for the next steps.

(Of course, feel free to be in touch at any time in the interim. There are indeed other books I would recommend if you are interested in more than one.)

May your search be fruitful!

Warm regards,
R. Alexander Seinfeld
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