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Aliza Bulow

Aliza Bulow is the national coordinator for Ner LeElef�s North American Women�s Program, and the Senior Educator for The Jewish Experience in Denver, Colorado. She teaches ongoing classes in Jewish philosophy, basic Judaism and textual learning skills, as well as lecturing on a broad range of topics in venues across the country. Aliza has been a Jewish Educator for over twenty five years and she now mentors women who work in Jewish Adult Education and Outreach, and provides consulting for Jewish Outreach organizations across the country. (feel free to add or skip this part, as is appropriate in relationship with other bios on your site): A 13th generation American born to Protestant parents in the 1960�s, Aliza converted to Judaism at age 16. As a mother and mother-in-law of nine emerging adults, as a grandmother, as an educator and as an author, Aliza works to strengthen Jews and their connections to their heritage, to their mission and to each other.

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