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The Messianic Age

What will happen when the Messiah comes? What signs do the prophets, or Moses give in Jewish Scripture? What verses in the torah tell us about the coming messiah, descendant of King David? For how long will he reign?

Belief in the coming of the messiah is one of the 13 primary principles of Judaism. The term messiah means anointed and has been used from ancient times to refer to Israel’s Priests & Kings. When we Jews pray several times daily for the coming of messiah we are praying for an end to the exile that began with the destruction of the 2nd Temple around 2000 years ago and a return of Jewish government and sovereignty, ultimately demonstrated by the appointment of a Jewish King. In Judaism the messiah will be a Jewish king as outlined in the Torah, he is a human being who will be not only a descendant of King David, but a leader of similar character.

This restoration will begin a period of Jewish history called “yamei hamashiach” or the messianic age. According to the ancient Jewish prophets this period of time will be preceded by major wars but will be followed by a time of peace between the nations. This peace will be due to the fact that the nations of the world become united in the recognition and service of the Creator.

While there are speculations about when and how long this time will be suffice to say that the return of the Jewish exiles from the nations of the world and a return of Jewish sovereignty to the land of Israel seem to signal that this period is beginning.

Deuteronomy 17: 14-20 – Refers to the nature and obligations of the King of Israel. 2 Samuel 7: 12-16 – Refers to the permanence of the Throne of David through his son Solomon. Isaiah 11, Psalm 89, Jeremiah 23: 5-7 Jeremiah 33: 14-18 – All refer to his reign.

Yossi Etz-Hasasdeh

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