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The Spirit of Ezekiel 36:27

What “Spirit” is Ezekiel 36:27 referring to and how is it significant in modern Jewish beliefs?

The commentary Metzudas David explains that the “spirit” in the verse, “I will put my spirit within you, and I will make it so that you will follow my decrees and guard my ordinances and fulfill them”, refers to the spirit of prophecy which will return to the Jewish people after our long exile.

The famous commentator Malbim explains that the return of the divine spirit to the Jewish people will cause a spiritual revolution, and the Jewish people as a whole will finally live in accordance with G-d’s will. With all of this in place, explains the Malbim, the stage will be set for the fulfillment of the next verse, “You will dwell in the land that I gave to your forefathers…”. As the Torah describes, the land of Israel will spit out those who rebel against Hashem’s laws. In the future, when the Jewish people will follow G-d’s laws, they will succesfully return to the holy Land without fear of future exile.

Yochai Robkin
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