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Question: How is it possible that G-d says to Abraham “Go for yourself,” and then Abraham comes to Canaan and finds hunger there? What are we suppose to learn from it? Where is G-d’s promise: “I will bless you. You will become a numerous nation and you’ll become rich?” He gets it later on when he travels down to Egypt, but he endangers his wife. I mean the story takes a strange turn. Was it G-D’S PLAN? Thank you.

Answer: Hi! Thank you for your question. This story teaches a very important idea: G-d’s promises are for the long term. He didn’t just bring Abraham to Israel and then start showering kindness on him. Israel was the place where Abraham could grow to perfection in his lifetime, and really earn everything that G-d wanted to give to him. It’s not always easy in the beginning, but Abraham and G-d were more interested in what is permanent. Abraham had no complaints; he became forever the pipeline for all the blessing of the entire world.

Best wishes,
Michoel Reach

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