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The Blessings from the Kohanim

Question: We learn in the Torah portion of Naso about the 3 blessings that the Kohanim (the Jewish priestly class) gave to the Jewish people. Why is there no blessing for health and physical well being? It seems that the 1st blessing is for material success and prosperity, the second is a blessing to understand the “Meaning of Life” and the 3rd is a blessing for contentment and tranquility through the understanding of Hashem’s laws. It seems to me that logically if I was to offer only one blessing to someone the first and utmost important blessing would be for Health.

Answer: The Torah, like Australia and America, believes in private health coverage….

All kidding aside, in my opinion, the first blessing does indeed include health: “Yivarechecha Hashem Vishmerecha” What’s “Yivarechecha?” The Midrash links this to all the blessings promised the Jewish people if we do what is right, such as those listed in Deut 28. It seems to me that these include health.

Rabbi Seinfeld and

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