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“Get” before Remarriage

Is there any advantage to a man having his ex-wife get a “get” before he remarries? If he is engaged to an observant woman, would she have any reason to want the first wife to have a “get“?

A man needs a religious divorce to remarry. Nowadays, we do not allow a man to have two wives. When he does not give a religious divorce to his first wife and subsequently remarries, then he has two wives in the eyes of G-d. Therefore, even when a person “divorces” his wife in a secular court of law, he should make sure to give her a “get“. This is true even if neither party is interested in remarrying.

Please note that the above is true for the woman as well. She should accept a “get” if the marriage is no longer viable.

If you need help arranging a religious divorce, contact an organization called Kayama – they should be able to help.

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