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Question: I am interested in history and global politics and truly want to understand why the Jewish people have been consistently persecuted both historically and in modern times. I’ve noticed that the same irrational hostility keeps showing up throughout history, and seems to be some bizarre constant. It doesn’t depend on religion, time, geography, behavior, or class. I’m convinced there is a long-standing, observable pattern here and can’t find any reasonable explanation.

Answer: You are a very astute observer of history. There is no obvious answer to the question of anti-Semitism although many philosophers have wrestled with the issue over the millennia. It goes back to the anger and jealousy of the nations that the Jewish People dare to consider themselves the Chosen of G’d. This is what the Bible teaches us even though many Jews wouldn’t mind if G’d chose someone else for awhile :) I recommend this book: Why the Jews? by Prager and Telushkin.

Rabbi Azriel Schreiber 

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