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Conversion Far from a Jewish Community

Question: I live in a very remote area, hours away from any Synagogue. I have been reading about, and considering, conversion to Judaism for some time. The problem is my distance from a Jewish community. How would I go about converting to Judaism if the traditional ceremonies, and access to a Rabbi, are not available to me?

Answer: Simply speaking, you cannot convert under these circumstances. A Jew must live in a community of Jews with access to synagogue life, a mikveh, kosher food, and opportunities for Torah study.

However, you can commence a conversion process by reading books such as “To Be a Jew”, by Rabbi Hayim Donin, and “This is My God”, by Herman Wouk. You can also do some long distance Torah study. However, any Orthodox rabbi will require you to live within walking distance of a synagogue and live through a year of Jewish Festivals.

Best wishes,

Rabbi Michael Katz

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