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Question: I recently read a disturbing story about the state of Israel and its destruction in 2023. Is this true and what can we do about making sure it does not happen?

Answer: Thank you for your message. Since we don’t have prophets anymore, no one can know the future. What we do know and believe is that the State of Israel’s future is not guaranteed. In fact, the Torah itself states that our privilege of living in the Land of Israel as a people is contingent upon our behavior. If we choose to uphold the Torah, we will merit to live in the land. To the extent that we choose not to uphold the Torah, we will lose that merit. Sadly, it has happened before, and let’s not fool ourselves into thinking it couldn’t happen again. What to do about it?

1. Learn what it means to “uphold the Torah”
2. Teach other Jews what it means, especially Jews currently living in the Land of Israel.

I hope that’s helpful! Don’t despair, let’s take action.Rabbi Seinfeld

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