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Question: Can you please elaborate and explain the concept of referring to Shabbat as “Shabbat the Queen”?

Answer: There are several things hinted to in this that we refer to Shabbos as a Queen.

One idea, which may be the basic reason, is that Shabbos is a day which reminds us that the world was created and continues to be run by Hashem (G-d). Hashem is the king of the world. the one who rules over it and its nature. Shabbos is a time when we stop our regular routine, when we stop our pursuit of financial gain and spend time with Hashem. Hence Shabbos is referred to as the Queen. The queen is the companion of the King. The Queen’s royalty reminds one of the power of the King, who grants the splendor and status to the queen.  The Shabbos Queen, Shabbos Hamalkah, is the companion who comes by to remind us of the Melucha (kingdom) of Hashem.

Thank You,
Rabbi Eli Biegeleisen
Director, Oorah Staten Island

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