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Hallel on Purim

Question: I noticed that Hallel was not recited on Purim (or was I sleeping when it was recited?) Any particular reason for this? Thanks.

Answer: Even if you were sleeping, you would not have missed Hallel. You can pat yourself on the back because you asked the Talmuds question. Check out Megilla 14a where the Talmud offers a few answers to this. One answer is that the megilla reading serves as the song of G-ds praise in lieu of Hallel. Another answer cited is that on Passover the redemption had a lasting effect. We are no longer a nation of slaves, only to G-d, and that calls for a Hallel. However, in the miracle of Purim, although we were saved, we still are subjugated in a sense to Ahasuerues, meaning we are still in exile.

Keep on asking good questions! May we see the ultimate redemption soon and sing the greatest Hallel ever.

All the best,
Shlomo Soroka

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