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Moses, Pharaoh and Egypt in the Hagada

Question: Moses is mentioned only once, in passing, in the Hagadah. I have learned that the reason is that we want to emphasize that it was G-d who took us out of Egypt and not an emissary or an angel. However, the Haggadah mentions Pharoah 7 times and Egypt over 50 times. Why? (I would rather it mention Moshe 7 times and Pharoah once).

Answer: There are many answers as to why Moses is almost absent from the Hagadah, particularly that the main focus is on God, and not a person saving us. The mention of Egypt and Pharaoh accentuate the tremendous obstacles we faced in Egypt, yet God took us out of all of those. Thus we can appreciate the light amidst the great darkness. Perhaps we could say, as our Sages tell us, that a small amount of light chases away much darkness. Thus one mention of Moses is a small amount of light that God gave us when He conquered the great darkness of Egypt.

Have a Happy Passover,
Rabbi Kolakowski

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