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Question: If one mostly fears G-d and is driven to do “right?? by fear of divine punishment how does one transform this overwhelming fear to love? How does one transform oneself to a higher level? Perhaps it is my upbringing with the emphasis on being taught not to sin but I was never taught how to love G-d with all my heart and soul? Yes I can admire G-d’s creations, his mercy that I am still breathing despite myself but mostly my obedience to his will is still driven by fear.

Answer: Thanks for your question. This issue is one of the most difficult and most important for many people raised with Yirat Shamayim - fear of Heaven.

1. Yes, admiring God’s creations is vital. Above all, one’s own amazing body. And saying brachot – the morning blessings and all the prayer blessings slowly and with deep concentration - not only is this the proper way to say them, it is guaranteed to awaken in you greater love.

2. Ask God for help in this area, like in any area of life where you struggle.

3. Read Ch. 6 of my book, The Art of Kavana.

That’s my best answer for now. Feel free to follow up at any time. Good luck!

Rabbi Alexander Seinfeld and

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