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The Chosen People and the Equality of Man

What’s up with the Jews being a “Chosen People”? Aren’t all men created equal?

The “Chosen People” concept is one that many people find very difficult to accept. Let me give you an analogy that I hope will clarify things a little. An elite combat unit in the army is made up of men of unique courage and skill who have committed themselves to being thrown continually into situations of extreme danger and vital strategic importance. These men not only require a more arduous and comprehensive training program, but also a completely different lifestyle and environment from the rest of the army. Additionally, they are given exposure to top secret information. The regular private in the army understands that these differences in treatment (i.e. privileges) are necessary in order to keep these men in the mental and physical condition required for the life threatening functions that they perform. No one would be silly enough to encourage every army recruit to join the elite unit – not every man possesses what it takes to succeed in such a unit, and most men wouldn’t even want to take on that sort of responsibility and danger. The rewards of being a member of the unit are immense but the consequences are potentially deadly.

When the Jewish people accepted the Torah on Mt Sinai, they committed themselves to a covenant with G-d – an extremely demanding relationship that carries with it both great rewards and, as in the analogy above, dangerous consequences – both in this world and the next. 2000 years of persecution and exile is a loud and clear testimony to those consequences. When someone comes to us with the desire to convert we are obligated to clearly communicate to them what they are getting themselves into – that they are not escaping into a spiritual bliss that will solve all their problems, but rather they are accepting upon themselves an enormous burden. We tell them that today you can work on Saturday and all is well; yet tomorrow that same work may carry with it a death sentence. Today you can eat anything, tomorrow you may cut years off of your life by eating something not kosher.

Any sincere convert is welcomed into the “elite forces” that are the Jewish people. All other non-Jews can find fulfillment by observing the 7 Noahide laws. Please see here for more information.

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