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Question: I am writing a paper on altruism in Judaism. I need to specifically use examples from the Torah and the Talmud. I think I would like to focus on the selfless and humble values of Moses. However, I am having trouble finding evidence from these texts. Could you point me to the right direction of where I should be looking to show that Moses possesses these qualities?

Answer: The first thing you need to know is that “humble,” does not mean, “meek.” Moses knew who he was and what his capabilities were. In other words, he knew his own greatness. Even so, he would never assume that he was better than anyone else. After all, G-d makes every human being, each with his own outward strengths and abilities, and each with his own inward powers that only G-d can read.

If you want to know about Moses, know about the man who intentionally broke G-d’s two Tablets to save his beloved Jewish Nation, the Man who stood up to Pharaoh, the most powerful man in the world, and who assumed the leadership of the Jewish Nation as they exited Egypt, and until they reached Israel.

These are selfless and humble acts, but first one needs to understand what he is looking at.

Regards, Eliahu Levenson

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