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Question: Under the Chuppah, is there some reason why the groom puts the ring on the bride’s right index finger, and not what the secular world traditionally regards as the ‘ring finger’.

Answer: There are a number of reasons mentioned. In general it is mentioned in many places that one should show importance to the right side and the right hand. The reason is because the Torah mentions that the Torah was given “so to speak” with Hashem’s (G-d’s) right. By doing things with our right hand we are giving honor to Hashem’s Torah. Therefore the groom should use his right hand and the bride her right hand. It was not common for women to put rings on the thumb – hence the groom skipped that finger.  Another reason given is that in Psalms 19 starting with the words “Toras Hashem” G-d’s name is the second in each five word series, corresponding to the second finger on the right hand. Others say the wife was to wear the ring on that finger since it is the most used of all the fingers (for most people) people would therefore see that she was married.

All the Best,
Rabbi Benyowitz

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