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Is there something in the Torah that talks about how important it is to be on time, rather than to be consistantly late for everything?

I am certainly aware of Torah ideas connected to “zrizus”, or alacrity, for doing mitzvos. In addition, keeping one’s word (i.e. being on time) is a very important Torah ideal. My impression, however, is that you are looking for something more specific. I’ll keep looking.

R’ Daniel Fleksher

Yes, I am looking for a few very specific places in either the Torah or the Talmud (or other sources) where it makes it very clear how important it is to be on time.
To be very honest, the reason I want this information is because there is a certain person who is consistantly late for our morning prayers (minyan). Every single day he’s late; it’s very disruptive as we can’t do certain parts of the prayers without him.

If that is the case then you need look no further than the very first line in the Jewish Code of Laws (Shulchan Aruch). “One should strenghten himself like a lion to get up in the morning for the service of his Creator…” However, perhaps in this particular situation, a different Talmudic dictum is more appropriate. “Derech Eretz Kadma L’Torah.” This basically says that basic human decency is the precursor of Torah. It seems that either our friend is lacking in this, or, and I hope for the latter, there is some aspect to his personal life that does not allow him to arrive on time. Either way it seems a very delicate topic to approach someone with. I would suggest you continue with great caution and sensitivity. I do, however, applaud your dedication to the minyan and your desire to see it run properly. Best of luck!

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