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Question: Is there anything wrong with wanting a nice car of a big house? Would G-d consider this greedy?

Answer: The Torah teaches us that we should give, if we can affort to, a 10th or a 20th of their income to Charity, but no more. Why shouldn’t a person who earns 7-8 figures give more money? The Talmud teaches that if one gives all of his money away, he may end up on the receiving end, not the giving end. If a person of means give his 10-20 percent, and chooses to use his remaining wealth to live comfortably, that’s perfectly fine. Obviously, living ostentatiously and/or flaunting one’s wealth is morally wrong, but short of that, we are put here to enjoy this world. If G-d has blessed you with the means to live well, live well! That is not selfish at all.

All the Best,
Rabbi Azriel Schreiber

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