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Reason for Circumcision

Why is the rite of circumcision performed on Jewish males? The original reason that is?

When one asks ‘why’, there are always a number of different levels of answers that could be given. On the simplest level, the right of circumcision is performed because G-d commanded us to do so in the Torah – it is one of the 613 commandments given by G-d to the Jewish Nation at Mt Sinai (about 3500 years ago).

On a deeper level, circumcision is a symbol of the covenant between G-d and the Jewish Nation. It represents our commitment to live by G-d’s laws and His commitment to reward us for doing so. The act of circumcision alludes to the fact that just as we are not born physically perfect and thus require the removal of the foreskin, so to we are not born spiritually perfect and it is up to us to attempt to perfect ourselves in the spiritual, emotional, and psychological realm as well.

Ari Lobel

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