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Two Sets of Tablets, Aaron and the Golden Calf

Question: How long was it between the first and second tablets? 

Answer: Moshe went up to receive the first tablets on 7 Sivan and broke them on 17 tamuz. He prayed until 1 Elul and received the second tablets on Yom Kippur, 10 tishrei, so there was a total of around 120 days.

Question: Was Aron punished for the golden calf?

Answer: Some commentaries say that Nadav and Avihu, his sons were killed in part as a punishment to Aron. G-d did spare his 2 younger sons.

All the Best,
Rabbi Meir Goldberg

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  1. Thanks for answering that. Another question I have is what was the stone of Levi on the Urim v’Tumim, the High Priests Breast Plate. Also, who judges Levi when he sins.

    I assume Levi got the third stone “Barekes,” since he was the third son.

    Levites are judged by the Sanhedrin – the high court, like everyone else. Even the King or High Priest were judged by the Sanhedrin.

    Comment by ATR — March 16, 2010 @ 3:41 pm

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