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Can I have some Information about the Chofetz Chaim, Rabbi Israel Meir Ha-Cohen, 1837-1933?

Here is a short summary of his life taken from Rabbi Berel Wein’s historical work called Triumph of Survival:

1848 – Leaves home to study in Yeshiva in Vilna
1869 – His home becomes known as the Radin Yeshiva – students flock to him
1873 – Publishes his famous work called ‘Chofetz Chaim’ – a book detailing the laws of gossip and slander. The title is based on the verse in Psalms which states: ’ Who is the man who longs for life (“Hachofetz Chaim”), who loves days for seeing good, guard your tongue from evil, and your lips from deceit’.
1881 – Published ‘Machane Yisroel’ – code of law for Jewish soldiers
1888 – Published ‘Ahavas Chesed’ – about the laws of Charity
1907 – Published his most famous work – the ‘Mishna Brura’ – a practical commentary on the ‘Shulchan Aruch’ (Orech Chaim) which has become the most widely studied commentary on that particular section of the Shulchan Aruch.
1933 – Dies

Yours sincerely,
Ari Lobel

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