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Kohanim from Aaron and Pinchas

Question: Why do we usually say that the Kohanim (Jewish priestly class who are honored with the service in the Temple) are from Aharon and not from Pinchas?

Answer: Pinchas was the grandson of Aharon (Bava Basra 109b). When Hashem created the Kohanim, this applied to Aharon and his sons, and all their male offspring thereafter, but not to Pinchas, who was already born and a grandchild. Pinchas was added separately by G-d, but the line of Pinchas, as well as all Kohanim, begins with Aharon.

In 1Divrei Hayammim 6:35, Pinchas is called Aharon’s son. G-d often makes statements of appearances, Pinchas was like a son, but was actually a grandson.

Tzadok was the first Kohein Gadol to attend to the needs of the 1st Beis HaMikdash. (Yechezkel 40:46). Tzadok was descended from Pinchas through Aharon’s son Eleazer. (Ezra 7:2-5 & 1Divre Hayammim 30-34)

Regards, Eliahu Levenson

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