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Question: I have been looking into my ancestry and just found that we are German Ashkenazic Jews. I don’t really understand what that means. I have read that Ashkenazic Jews aren’t of the Promise to Abraham. So what are Ashkenazic Jews exactly? I found that a lot of my ancestors died in the Holocaust but know little to nothing about the lineage. Please help

Answer: Thank you for asking this great question. Basically, “Ashkenazi Jew” just means that you are descended from Jews who lived in Europe, mainly Germany and surrounding areas. These Jews are just as much Jews as any other Jew in the world, with no difference at all. The only difference between Ashkenazi and other groups like “Sefardi” is where they are from, (Sefardi Jews descend from the Middle East, Spain, Morocco, etc). There are differences in customs, but they are relatively minor. All major philosophies are the same all of the basic beliefs are the same. Some of the custom differences include foods, clothing, and the like. The point is that all Jews are the same regardless of where they come from. All of these Jews were sent into the diaspora, out of the land of Israel at least 2,000 years ago and where they landed after that determined which of these titles they get, but we are all one big happy family.

Be Well
Rabbi Litt

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