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Question: My husband and I, who are not Jewish, have been in deep discussion about religion lately and have decided to explore Judaism, mainly because it makes no sense to follow any other religion. Other religions were made up by man to fit their lifestyle. We are wondering where to start on our new path. Neither one of our parents are Jewish, so we really need some information.

Answer: It is always best to be in touch with a live rabbi who can advise you along your journey. Unfortunately, the only strong community in [your state] is in [city 1] and in [city 2]. I don’t know how far you are from either of those cities.

You should also read a lot. I suggest, to begin with, you read one of these books: Understanding Judaism by Mordechai Katz; To Be a Jew by Hayim H. Donin; This is My G’d by Herman Wouk.

Once you decide that you definitely wish to pursue Judaism you will need to link up with a community where you can experience daily Jewish living.

You might, however, want to investigate the Noahide Covenant with G’d. This is the covenant that G’d made with all non-Jews and there are Noahides today who are living this faith. You can investigate them by reading The Rainbow Covenant by Michael Dallen and visiting the website:

Good luck,
Rabbi Azriel Schreiber

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