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Feeling down

Where does one go for answers in the torah when they have gotten cheated and are feeling down about it?

Hello my friend,

We all have good days and bad days and we all have difficult relationships to a certain degree. The one book that I think was written to address all the main difficulties we encounter, as individuals and as a people, is Sefer Tehillim, the Book of Psalms. Like the Torah, it has five books. Jewish mystics have drawn many parallels between the Torah and Tehillim. I have found solace and comfort in its words many times. I would recommend to make a point of discovering the book by reading some psalms that one might otherwise be unfamiliar with, such as the dozens that do not appear in the Siddur. When you find some chapters that seem particularly appropriate to your situation, you can focus on those.

None of this is meant to replace friendship. King Solomon writes in Mishlei that if a person has worries in his heart, he should speak of it to friends. The role a friend plays is extremely important; as important, more important than any book I can recommend.

Rabbi Raffy Davidovich

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