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Saying His Name

Question: I have also heard about not saying God’s name out loud. Can you tell me anymore about this?

Answer: Thank you for your question. It is true that using G-d’s name in situations where it is not necessary is not done in traditional Judaism. If G-d’s name is written down, then that paper needs to be buried, not thrown into the trash. If we say G-d’s name (not in proper prayer or Torah learning), then we substitute the word “Hashem”, which means “the name”, for the name of G-d. There is a great deal of respect for “the name” even though that name itself is not the real name of G-d. The source of this is in the Ten Commandments, themselves. It says not to take the Lord, G-d’s, name in vain. That is why it is so important.

Be Well,
Rabbi Gershon Litt

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