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Is Mental Illness a Punishment?

Question: Did G-d punish me with schizophrenia?

Answer: What a fascinating question. I had never thought of considering schizophrenia as a punishment. I had always assumed that schizophrenia was and is the challenge that is meant to mold a person to become the special and unique person that he or she is meant to be. In what way would such a challenge, which is designed to shape the person, be a punishment? If we were to view schizophrenia as a punishment then we would have to view every challenge that way, and surely we could then ask what would be accomplished by all those punishments?

The loving G-d has made you as He wishes and loves you exactly as his only child. Work with the material that he has given you to develop into the person who can be close to Father forever.

With brochos,
Rabbi Becker

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