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“Someone is Watching Me,” Worrisome Thoughts

Question: I have this feeling that whenever I am alone, especially in the dark, that someone is watching me. What should I do? I also keep having these dreams of something like a soul crying to me. I have asked G-d why He is sending them to me. Its really confusing…

Answer: It is always tricky to learn to ignore certain thoughts and to embrace others. Generally ask yourself what good comes to you or to others from a particular thought. If there is no benefit, then it is an unnecessary worry and should be ignored. Some medications can be useful for helping you move past these thoughts but the central story is to make your contribution to the world and not to be wrapped up in worries that contribute to nothing. The world needs you and your daily tasks and relationships and if you give in to these thoughts we all lose out. We’re all rooting for you!

Best wishes,
Rabbi Ephraim Becker, PhD

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