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Book of Revelations and Christianity

Question: Does the book of Revelations have any validity, and if so is one allowed to read it? If it has no validity, is it still allowed to be read?

Answer: I have never read Revelations myself, but what I understand is that it contains rather vague predictions and observations that can be interpreted in many ways – but that it would be next to impossible to read a passage and be sure that it was referring to any particular historical or religious event. So I would think it is very unlikely that you could gain anything useful from reading it.

On the other hand, it is a book whose goal is to promote belief in a religion that absolutely stands directly opposed to many of the key elements of Torah. For instance, Maimonides (in his commentary to the Mishna of the last chapter of Sanhedrin) lists his 13 core beliefs of Judaism. Here are some of those that directly contradict Christian beliefs:

That God is One (Christians believe in a trinity made up of at least three gods – or parts of gods). Rambam also teaches us that God’s Unity means that He is internally indivisible – that He cannot be perceived as having parts.

That God has no body (Christians believe that Jesus was the embodiment of their god).

That one may not worship, serve or pray to anything besides God. (Christians expect you to pray to Jesus – not to mention saints etc).

That the Torah of Moshe will not ever be changed (Christians teach “replacement theology” in which they claim that the 613 mitzvos have been replaced with their new teachings – including the book of Revelations)

The bottom line: our Torah, thank G-d, has plenty to interest and educate us without having to come on to Christian books.

I wish you the very greatest success!
Rabbi Boruch Clinton
Ottawa, Canada

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