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Confronting Antisemitism

Question: I wrote something on a gossip blog, but am having problems because I am a Jew. What can I do, and how can I communicate to people who have prejudice?

Answer: Permit me to rephrase your question like this: Someone else has a problem because you are a Jew. You, on the other hand, could not be more fortunate than to be a Jew—to have such a precious and noble heritage, a limitless opportunity to grow as a person, to develop a relationship with God, and imbue your life with meaning.

If what you wrote for the gossip blog has upset people, and they are expressing their upset by attacking you for being a Jew, then you should consider two things: Perhaps it would be better to write for a more reputable medium than a gossip blog. Be aware that a Jew tends to be a diplomat for high moral standards in the world, and people tend to scrutinize our behavior more. Second, people who attack you because you are Jewish are racist, prejudiced people who do not have rational reasons for their hatred. Occasionally, you will be able to educate people on the topic of why Jews should not be treated any differently than non-Jews; but, unless the person you are addressing is open-minded and educable, he or she will simply continue in his or her bigotry, and I would recommend not giving people like that any of your time.

But, be happy that you are Jewish, and use this experience to explore your Judaism further!

All the best,
Tanchum Burton

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