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The G-d of the Jews

Do you think that the G-d of the Jews is the same as that of the Christians? I ask this because some Christians bow down and pray to Jesus, Mary, angels, and the disciples; and some even believe that Jesus is part of a godhead!

I think that when both religions refer to “G-d”, they mean the same thing (at least – in the Christian view – when we are discussing “The Father”). However, the Jewish understanding of G-d is very, very different than the Christian perception. We view G-d as completely unified and perfect. He has no parts or components. Everything He does (e.g. loving, remembering, punishing, or judging) comes from the same essence. This is not so in the Catholic view, which sees G-d as a trinity. Christians also believe that the Devil has power independent of G-d; yet Jews don’t believe in the Devil. Our view of the evil inclination, or Satan, is that it is merely an angel (not something with wings, but a transcendental spiritual force) which G-d sends to test us. This is done with the hope that we will overcome the challenge, thereby gaining perfection.

Rabbi Meir Goldberg

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