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Yom Kippur on Shabbat

Question: I had a question about Yom Kippur falling on Friday Night. I am planning to serve a pre-fast meal before going to Kol Nidre services. Is there anything special I need to know regarding blessings over bread and wine? Also, Shabbat dinner is usually held after sundown, and of course, you can’t eat after sundown on Yom Kippur.

Answer: Thanks for asking this question and thank you for the best wishes. In terms of traditional practices for the meal before the fast it should be a very nice meal similar to what you would have on Shabbat. There is a custom to have Kreplach and a full meal. This meal, however, is not a Shabbos meal and you should definitely not make Kiddush or distribute the bread in the way you would for a normal Friday night. Also, you should light candles at home and have in mind not to take in the Shabbos at that time, but rather once you are in shul at the proper time. It is always better to light at home so that when you come home they are still lit. Try to get candles that stay lit a little longer. Of course, you should not do anything after sunset that is forbidden on Shabbos in addition to the Yom Kippur prohibitions of not eating, drinking, wearing leather shoes, having marital relations, or washing. If you have more questions about the practices go to or and look at their High Holiday information. That is a great resource.

You should definitely finish the meal well before sunset and before Shabbos starts. Obviously, there is no Kiddush or anything related to food that transpires on this Shabbos.

I hope that this clarifies the technicalities of this out of the ordinary Shabbos. May Yom Kippur be meaningful for you and your family.

Be Well,
Rabbi Litt

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