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Non-Kosher Candy and Ingredients

Question: What does non-kosher candy contain that makes it nonkosher?

Answer: When candy is kosher, the ingredients don’t contain forbidden things such as flavors derived from non kosher wine release agents from animal fat, gelatin, glycerin, food coloring, monostearates, as well as emulsifiers and oils. All can be derived from non kosher animals and vermin.(such as beetles and cats)

Some of the important compounds used in the flavoring industry are inherently non-kosher, but can be listed on ingredient lists as “natural flavors.” These can’t be used in kosher candy. Examples of non-kosher ingredients include civet, which comes from an Ethiopian cat, and castorium from beaver.

Castorium tincture, for example, can be used in flavors such as almond, grape, rum, scotch, vanilla, and raspberry. Civet is often used as a flavor enhancer. These are all natural but can never be kosher.

Rabbi Zvi Holland
Phoenix Community Kollel
“Building Jewish Unity Through Learning”

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